Construction Cleaning

Leave the clean-up to us


We understand how crucial deadlines are for contractors and their customers. Mill City Cleaning will create a plan that gets the cleaning job done when you need it.  We are flexible and realize that the timeline and services needed can change as the construction progresses. We recognize that each project is unique and will work with you to build a program to fit your needs and help you stay on schedule.

Mill City Cleaning is experienced with all phases of construction cleaning – from removing debris and maintaining a clean job site throughout the project, to full-service final clean-up and window washing for a positive, detailed presentation to the customer.

Through our attention to detail, we make sure your hard work is showcased in the best possible light.


It’s easy to take the first step with a free estimate and consultation.

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  3. Our team will reach out to you as soon as possible with the quote. After that, just leave the cleaning to us